NotGet Organic Light Show

This is a home made VJ light show on NotGet track by Bjork, and of course a totally unofficial video.

I am on holiday, the weather is stormy and miserable outside, and I enjoyed playing around with lights on this obsessionally delicious new soundtrack of Bjork. Such amazing strings and beats, a fascinating piece of modern poetry to my ears…

I obviously do not claim any copyright for the music on this video.

Please buy and enjoy the truly outstanding Vulnicura album @, and watch astonishing related videos on her official Youtube channel. Watch out she’s back.

‘Once you fell out of love
Our love couldn’t carry you
And I didn’t even notice

For our love kept me safe from death

You doubted the lights
And the shelter it can give
For in love we are immortal
Eternal and safe from death

If I regret us
I’m denying my soul to grow
Don’t remove my pain
It is my chance to heal

We carry the same wound
But have different cures
Similar injuries
But opposite remedies

After our love ended
Your arms don’t carry me
Without love I feel the abyss
Understand your fear of death

I will not forget
This “notget”
Will you not regret
Having love let go

After our love ended
Your spirits entered me
Now we are the guardians
We keep her safe from death

Love will keep all of us safe from death’

In the album booklet, the sub-title for this song is “11 months after”

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